A local PVP game about the ritual we all perform everyday – brushing teeth! One player tries to create a cavity by spreading germs on teeth (using the mouse) while the other player fights back – brushing the germs away with a tooth brush (using the keyboard).

This game was created in less than 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2016. All sounds were created only by using our mouths – seriously!


- Follow the instructions pop-up at the beginning of the game.
– No area of the teeth can contain more than 4 germs at a time.
– The further the tooth is from the center of the mouth – the tougher it is (it takes longer for the germs to make a cavity). Center teeth are most vulnerable.
– Press ESC to go back to menu screen.
– If your webpage moves up and down when controlling the tooth brush using the arrow keys – you can either go into full screen mode (bottom right button) or cinematic mode, or use the WASD keys to control the brush.

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